This blog contains revolutionary ideas. By following, you acknowledge there is the nearly inevitable possibility of ideological flaws, misunderstandings, and the posting of misinformation. I appreciate any corrections, logical and mature argument, commentary, suggestion, and discussion that you are able to provide. This blog is meant to inform and entertain and is not for the pleasure of anybody else. I do not follow one singular ideology, however there will be posts inspired by many feminist, veg*n, leftist, anarchist, and other similar influences. If I reblog, quote, or like something centered around a specific person, it doesn’t mean I endorse them or the entirety of their beliefs unless otherwise stated. Pictures, articles, quotes, and links are not mine unless clearly indicated. If you’ve seen a post of mine before, feel free to tell me and send me the link to the original poster and I will happily reblog it from that person.

Remember that blogging is meant for positive experiences. If you disagree with something I say, please see to it as to remain calm in your commentary. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have had far too many unpleasant blogging experiences and hope that this is not one of them.


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