Important! *Signal Boost!*

As you may or may not know, Texas just passed a bill (HB#4) in regards to abortion that places enormous restrictions on women. Not only is this a disgraceful move and ridiculous concern for Governor Perry to be so disturbingly obsessed with, but they sent violent enforcements against the peaceful protestors there. As if the situation wasn’t sick enough, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR ERICK ERICKSON JUST POSTED AN AWFUL TWEET INDIRECTLY ENCOURAGING WOMEN TO ENGAGE UNSAFE PROCEDURES IN A DESPICABLE EFFORT TO CELEBRATE THE BILL’S VICTORY. Now, he may be pro-life but the tweet telling liberals to go purchase coat hangers now that safe abortions are being severely restricted seriously contradicts his outspoken views. He has the power of a voice that people hear worldwide and trust and he chooses to use it to taunt women, rape their rights, and mock their choices. It is not his place to make these jokes (it’s really nobody’s place) and he needs to know that it is not okay! Tell him yourself!


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