Intersectionality: Political Parties

The problem with grouping things together/labelling things is that there will always be enormous gaps and differences and disagreements with people among the groups. There will always be elitism which is perpetuated by the mentality of a big group. What starts out small and encouraging can always become larger and hateful. People rarely use differences and individuality advantageously. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that while a group can be made more powerful by large numbers, that usually doesn’t mean they are better. 

Perhaps the most obvious example of this argument is seen within the disputes of political parties. There are such vast differences within both the predominate political groups (conservatives and liberals). There are liberals who fight for gay and lesbian rights, while ignoring the issues of trans* people and queer people of colour. This creates divisions in liberal politics and is dangerous for members identifying with the party. However, unrecognised intersectionality of these groups creates less dispute than when the intersectionality is acknowledged. Should somebody fight for the demolition of the oppressive forces against queer PoC’s, the activist would face arguments from both PoC and queer identifiers that their issues are not intersectional. Prejudice and elitism exists in each and every group large enough to contain it, and it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t have to be very large. He who fights for everything will, in turn, accomplish nothing.

Idealistically, the flawed system of political parties would be abolished entirely. However, for now, perhaps you could begin by starting a new trend. Instead of acting on aggression and anger, act on compassion and education. Normally, as a leftist, I’d argue that there’s a point where trying to educate those who stand by their bigotry is not enough. Normally, I’d argue that there is a time for compassion and a time for action. But in the predominately patriarchal and capitalistic society that exists now, perhaps that is not a doable solution. Perhaps it’s time to put brains over brawn in a world that perpetuates just the opposite.


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