Internalized Queerphobia

A Maelstrom of my Thoughts

~First official blog post: Let’s hope I get better at this!~

Something that has bothered me recently is the internalized homophobia (really and hereafter, queerphobia) in a so-called progressive and liberal society. Externalized queerphobia, like racism, will always exist. It is a sad truth, but the most that we, as a collective, can hope for is awareness and consciousness.

A simple definition of internalized queerphobia is the negative feelings that one has towards him or herself or others because of his or her queer sexuality. Some forms of internalized queerphobia are shame, denial of one’s or other’s sexuality, or hating on other queer people for their non-normative behaviours.

Because of my mysterious sexuality* and lack of a “love life,” I was recently persuaded to look on craigslist. The first things I saw (besides my future thanks to gravity) were “NO Asians,” “Masc4Masc,” “No Fem Whites,” “Str8 Acting,” and “Be Normal/Real Men…

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