Calling all Vegans!

Calling all Vegans! (yes, .at and not .com!) is a new (still in beta) veg*n social networking site. As a brief introduction, let me say that this site is not for anyone who advocates the use or consumption of animal products, acts of animal testing, captivity, or other forms of cruelty. The reason I suggest that vegans take a look rather than anyone who adapted to a veg*n diet is because the site itself advocates transitioning to a vegan lifestyle over that of a “moral vegetarian” one (see: where stands on vegetarianism). Before you get up in arms and defensive regarding your vegetarian diet, see Louise Wallis’ speech on why vegetarianism is not enough and gather the facts from a wonderful website regarding the “Humane Myth”.

But enough with the warnings and research. The link I provided you with is to my profile. You obviously don’t have to follow me, but there’s mine. consists of wonderful educational posts, recipes, local businesses, and local vegan faces. The website is meant to provide a safe online environment for vegans who are seeking it.


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